The Danish ERT Panel

Inclusion, exclusion or removal from the ERT Register will be decided by a Registration Panel consisting of at least 5 members appointed for 5 years by DSFTM / Toxicology Section and a representative of EUROTOX Registration Sub-committee. The current Registration Panel consists of:

From the EUROTOX Registration/ERT Sub Committee:

  • Associate Director Marie Haag Groenlund; Occupational Health, Stockholm, Sweden

From the DSFTM/Toxicology Section:

  • Chairman and Secretary: Prof. Dr. MSc, PhD, ERT, Eva C. Bonefeld-Jørgensen; Professor in Human Environmental Toxicology, Faculty of Health, University of Aarhus, Denmark; President of DSFTM.
  • Vice-chairman: Prof. MSc, PhD, ERT Anne Marie Vinggaard; Professor in Molecular Toxicology, Technical University of Denmark.
  • MSc, PhD, ERT Ulla Vogel; Professor in Nano Toxicology, the National, Research Centre for the Working Environment, Copenhagen.
  • Lisbeth E. Knudsen, MSc, PhD, ERT, Professor in Animal Free Toxicology, University of Copenhagen.
  • Senior Scientist Allan Christensen, MSc in Biology & Applied Toxicology. ERT. Toxicology Development Projects, Novo Nordisk A/S.